Explore the area and discover its hidden treasures.

The main attraction of Monemvasia is undoubtedly the impressive rock with the legendary Castle Town. Nevertheless, there are many other attractions and points of interest in the area waiting to be discovered by curious travelers.

The Upper Town

One can reach the upper town or ‘acropolis’ climbing up the narrow pathway that leads you to the summit from the main square. On the summit, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the fortress city below, surrounded by the sea. Positioned on the very edge of the cliff you will find the only building still left standing, the recently restored church of St. Sophia which was built in the 12th century A.D.

Archaeological collection of Monemvasia

The archaeological collection of the fortress of Monemvasia is housed in an old mosque in the main square in the lower town, opposite the town cathedral of Elkomenos Christos. This small museum contains artefacts chiefly found during work to repair the monuments and surface exploration carried out over the past decades.

Kastania Cave

The landscape presents striking contrasts; the central mountain range of Krithina (800m) ends abruptly at the tip of the cape, dipping down on each side into coves and beaches that were once the haunt of pirates. A recently restored stone lighthouse stands sentinel at the cape to guide seafarers through what has been known since antiquity as a fearsome passage in bad weather.

The water mills of Talanta

30 minutes’ drive southwest of Monemvasia, at the picturesque village of ‘Talanta’ with its mountain gorge known as ‘The Balli Gorge’ hidden amongst the forest trees of walnut, chestnut and oak, runs a gurgling stream that still serves its traditional purpose of giving life to as a fully functioning flourmill. During its heyday Talanta housed no less than 11 active flour mills in this area alone. The last surviving mill now gives testimony to its heritage, uniting past tradition with today’s growing demand for genuine home grown, freshly milled flour of exceptional quality; also sold on location.

Velies Folklore Museum

The Velies Folklore Museum was founded by the Aghia Paraskevi citizens’ association. Building began in June 2004 and was completed in 2007. It is situated beside an age-old plane tree and a spring in Velies, two landmarks that are closely linked with the village’s history. A few decades ago this was the heart of the village, where the locals would meet to draw water, bring their animals to drink and to do their washing.